This is a feature wall I plastered, it
had a fish tank built into it.

This is a ceiling I plastered it had a
nice large glass ceiling lantern in the
middle that gave the room lots of
natural light.


A garage ceiling plasterboarded
over with pink fire resistant

Garage ceiling after being plastered
cables hanging down waiting for
electrician to put lights up.

Large ceiling I had just finished
plastering other walls are ready for
me to plaster but I hadn't done them
when I took this photo. 

A small extension I plastered. The
wall on the right is quite dark
because it has just been plastered.
The rest of the plaster looks a bit
patchy because it had been done a
day or so before and is drying out.
You get dark and light patches until
it fully dries out all light in colour. 

Plastering in progress.

This is a kitchen I plastered the
kitchen was fitted by a high class
kitchen fitter.

A job from start to finish I did the
plastering the ornate coving and
also the decorating.

Another job from start to finish I also
did the plastering and decorating on
this job.

All artex patterns & repairs to
damaged artex ceilings carried out.

Archways built and plastered.

Insurance repair work undertaken.

Hack off old plaster in preparation
for waterproof render coat.

Waterproof render coat applied to

Stud partitioning and plasterboarding
carried out.

The three stages of plastering (bare
block wall).

The three stages of plastering (backing

The three stages of plastering (top

Complete plaster refurbishments

Plastering of new builds undertaken.


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